Keywords: Ukrainian Black-and-White dairy breed, Brown Swiss breed, crossbreeding, dairy productivity, exterior-constitutional peculiarities, resistance


Goal. To study the influence of intermediate crossing on the level of dairy productivity, qualitative milk indicators, exterior features and resistance of the body of pureorgain and local animals. Methods. Selection and genetic analysis, comparative, statistical. The results. Scientific and production studies were conducted on the basis of a tribal factory of the State Enterprise "Pasichnya" IKSGP NAAN "of the StarosinyaVsky district of the Khmelnytsky region in the chains of distinct animals of the Podilsky factory type of Ukrainian Black-and-White dairy (UCHRMP) and local animals derived from the crossing of the BPRMP cows with Bojabs of the Shvitsky breed. According to the results of experimental studies, it has been found that local cows-first-bristles are somewhat inferior to the purest animals of the Ukrainian Black-and-White dairy breed by the magnitude of the NADA (93.8 kg), but it is compensated by milk quality (fat +0.26%, protein +0.19%), where in the general yield of dairy fat (+9.5 kg) and protein (+6.4 kg), they are favorably different from its purgatory rior. The analysis of the results of the reproductive capacity of cows shows that local animals were first fruitfully inseminated at the age of 545 days and the duration of fertility was 283 days, at that time, purely meters were inserted at the age of 567 days, and the duration of the sharing was 281.5 days. Service-period in the cows-first-born of genotypes, respectively, amounted to 97 and 112 days. The obtained data for the morphological and functional properties of the cow-first-prints show that the assessed number of both groups meets the needs of target standards on technological features and have high indicators of the studied functional properties. Comparative analysis of exterior valuation indicators between the studied groups shows that local cows have higher rates over latitudinal gates, in particular, by breast width and width in the ice, at that time inferior to the children's rior in the rectors of height in the racing, in the area of the torso. and hammer. In the study of natural resistance in the studied cows it has been established that the estimated animal groups are characterized by a sufficiently high level of protective functions of the body and adaptation capacity to technological conditions, which creates good opportunities for further effective selection. The general assessment of the natural resistance of cows-firstbody by morphological and biochemical parameters of blood, phagocytic, bactericidal and lysozymic activity showed that local cows according to Method VE Chumachenko and others. (1990) have a natural resistance to 3 points (61) higher than in their pure-breeding rior (58 points). Conclusions. Results of analysis of dairy performance of local cows-first-birthsters derived from the crossing of Ukrainian Black-and-White breeds with bulls of the Shvitskaya breed showed that the data of the animal though inferior to the christening rior of the Ukrainian Black-and-White dairy breed by the magnitude of the NADA but this difference is compensated by the quality of milk, where The total output of dairy fat and protein, they are favorably different from pureoral analogues. By indicators of reproducible ability, it has been found that local animals were first crazy at the age of 823 days that on 21 days earlier than puredom and 15 days they have a smaller service period. An analysis of the results of the estimation of morphological and physiological properties of the elder showed that there are no significant differences in the investigated groups of primary differences. All animals correspond to technological requirements. The exterior evaluation of the investigated groups of the firstborn showed that purely cows, having higher rates in the elevation in the roll, in the height in the ice and a contrary length of the trunk and the intensity, but inferior to the latitude gauge: the width of the breast, width in the machaches and width in the machaches and width in the machach. Animal estimation according to natural resistance indicators found that animals of both groups have a sufficiently high level of protective functions of the body and adaptation capacity to technological conditions that creates good opportunities for further effective selection.


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