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On September 4, 2020, at the 82nd year, died a well-known scientist in the branch of technology for the production the products of livestock, candidate of agricultural sciences Petro Dmytrovych Shust.

D. Shust was born on January 23, 1939 in the village of Plysetsky, Vasylkiv district, Kyiv region. In 1957 he entered the zootechnical faculty of the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy, which he successfully graduated in 1962.

From 1962 to 1975 he worked in the Ternopil region as a senior zootechnician of the regional state pedigree station, main zootechnician of the Borshchiv Administration of Agriculture, manager of the inter-collective farm fattening point, proxy head of the executive committee of the district Council of People's Deputies. From 1975 to 1978 he was the superior guild of the livestock of a specialized farm in production pork (bacon) of the state farm “Kyivsky” in the Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district of the Kyiv region. From 1978 to 1979 he was the main zootechnician of the Republican Trust of Experimental Farms and Elite-Seminal State Farms of Scientifically Experienced Institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine.

From 1979 to 1996 he was the director of the Experimental Station of the Beef Cattle Husbandry “Vorzel” of the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy. For these years, under his leadership, created a strong material and technical base for the spending the educational process for students and research work of postgraduate students and researchers of the station and the academy. An incubative guild, an experimental greenhouse and a farm-laboratory with fragments of various technologies for keeping and milking cattle, system of manure removal, watering of pastures were built. Working as the director of the station, P. D. Shust in 1986 defended his dissertation.

In 1996, Petro Dmytrovych worked as a leading zootechnician department of the milk of the Main Administration of Animal Husbandry with the State Pedigree Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, and from 1997 to 2000 – superior of the production department, proxy general director PU “Kyivtvarynprom”. During his work in the production he four times was elected a deputy of the district and twice the city Councils of People's Deputies, awarded the order “Badge of Honor”, the medal "For Valiant Work", 5 gold and 6 silver medals EAPE of the USSR.

From 2000 to 2002 – senior researcher of the Laboratory of Feeding and Using Pastures of the Institute of the Beef Cattle Husbandry UAAS, from 2002 to 2011 – manager of the Laboratory of Technology of the Beef Cattle Husbandry of the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics NAAS. Working as the manager of the laboratory, Petro Dmytrovych in 2008 received a certificate of a senior researcher in the specialty of technology for the production the products of livestock.

The scientific work of the scientist was turned at studying the dynamic growth of animal, digestion nutrients of feeds and balance of nitrogen, efficiency of feeds, growth muscular, bony and adipose tissues, transformation of feeds, accumulation of protein in organism and slaughter qualities of animals, raised in conditions of variable regime of feeding. Under his leadership have been developed the following technologies: rational use and preservation of natural forage lands (meadows and pastures); creation of cultivated pastures on the basis of multicomponent grass mixtures of different term of reaching pasture maturity; creation of a pasture conveyor for cattle of the meat direction of productivity. P. D. Shust's scientific achievement include about 100 scientific works, 10 patents and copyright certificates.

He was an extraordinary person, friendly, frank, sensitive, sincere, truthful man and a professional in his affair. Petro Dmitrievich will forever remain a model for colleagues, friends and relatives. The bright memory of him will live in our hearts.

The collective of the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M.V.Zubets of NAAS.

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