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On May 21, 2019, at the age of 59, a well-known scientist and statesman, head of the department of animal genetic resources of the Institute of Animal Breeding and Animal Genetics    of   Zubets NAAS, Director of State Enterprise "Main Scientific Production Breeding and Information Center in Animal Production of the Institute of Breeding and Genetics of Animals of NAAS" Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Leonid Vyshnevsky died.

We have lost an outstanding person who has worked hard throughout his life to improve the breeding stock that meets current European requirements.

Leonid Vyshnevskyi   was born on May 1, 1960 in the village Listvyn of Ovruch district , Zhytomyr region in family of employees.

After graduating with honors in 1982 from the Zootechnical Faculty of the Zhytomyr Agricultural Institute, he worked for some time as the chief zootechnician in the state farms of the Zhytomyr region. Since 1984 - Junior Research Fellow at the Research Institute of Agriculture of the Non-Black Zone of the USSR. Since September 1985 - postgraduate student of the Department of Breeding of Animals of the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy. After graduation from 1993 to 1998 he worked as a chief specialist of the department of breeding and breeding work of the association of state breeding factories of Ukraine "Ukrderzhplemzavody", carrying out work on the organization of breeding accounting in the farms and introduction of an automated system of management of the breeding process in dairy cattle breeding. From 1999 to 2000, Leonid Vyshnevskyi, being the chief specialist of the department of the Main State Breeding Inspection, was engaged in the formation of the basics of the legal framework on breeding work in animal husbandry and the organization of assessment of breeding animals. From 2000 to 2003 - Deputy Director General of the State Scientific Production Production Selection, and from September 2003 to August 2006 - First Deputy Director of the State Agency for the Identification and Registration of Animals. At  this time, with his direct involvement, that a unified state system for the identification and registration of farm animals was introduced at the national level. His responsibilities for being General Director of the Selection concern included the organization of a breeding system in animal husbandry (attestation of the subjects of breeding business in animal husbandry, creation and maintenance of the State Breeding Register, preparation of normative-legal acts on conducting breeding records and evaluation breeding value of different species of farm animals).

In 2008, Leonid Vyshnevskyi defended his PhD thesis on "Selection and genetic methods of Myrhorod pigs breed improvent productivity and crossbreeding use" in the specialty 06.02.01 - breeding and selection animals. The scientist carried out the results of his research, being first as a scientific scientist, then as a senior researcher, and since September 2010 - head of the laboratory of the beef breed gene pool of the Institute of Breeding and Animal Genetics of NAAS. Due to the creation of the Department of Animal Genetic Resources and Information Systems, whose work was closely linked to the previous activities of Leonid Vasilyevich, he was transferred to the post of Head of Department since June 2011.

Researches of the scientist have established the possibility of using modern methods of DNA-typing of animals for optimization of the breeding process in animal husbandry. Leonid Vyshnevskyi scientific achievements include a patent for the utility model "Application of ISSR-typing method for optimization of breeding process in small breeds of pigs as a means of individual selection for increasing productivity and preserving the genetic diversity of animals of endangered populations". While working at the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics, he actively participated in the development of methodological bases for biodiversity conservation in animal husbandry in Ukraine and the introduction of centralized automated breeding records at the state level.

The Leonid Vyshnevskyi  life    is an example of a worthy, responsible leader who was able to organize and rally around the best specialists of the industry. He was able to inspire his energy, find the right word, give the right direction to make the necessary changes.
Leonid Vyshnevskyi will forever remain in our grateful memory and our hearts. Light memory, eternal memory….

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