Methodical aspects of the montbeliarde breed gene pool in Ukraine creation

  • A. P. Krugliak Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M.V.Zubets of NAAS (Chubynske, Ukraine)
  • T. O. Krugliak Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M.V.Zubets of NAAS (Chubynske, Ukraine)
  • A. A. Kirii National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Keywords: Montbeliarde breed, genealogical bloodline, successor of bloodline, heifer


The methodical aspects of the Montbeliarde breed gene pool in Ukraine are presented. The evaluation and selection of animals was carried out on the basis of the dairy productivity and tribal value of the ancestors, the type of exteriors, the overall development of the body, the period of cohort, and also the parentage. Selected and brought 100 heads of the cows of the Monglereid breed. As a result of growth, development, the type of body structure, the animals corresponded to the standard of breed requirements and were pregnant for 3–4 months. The parents type productivity indices (ISU) was 98–147. More than 50% of them were ranked in the top 20 best breeders. The milk productivity of the heifers mathers on 305 days of the first lactation ranged from 5300 to 9100 kg of milk, with a fat content of 3.9–4.4% and a protein of 3.3–3.7%.
Genealogical structure of the herd (100 cows and 64 heifers, which were obtained at the farm PLAE "Zhatkivske") is represented by 5 genealogical bloodlines. The most numerous is the bloodline Charmant – Ideal – Helios 15.421 (26 cows and 13 heifers). The Charvant sire was quite widely used in the breeding stock virtually of all bloodlines. This line is developed through the bulls Corail 3971002640, Cardian 7191071104106 and Isangrin 6393018001 (scheme 1). No less numerous is the Pirates 11,695 (25 caws and 6 heifers) bloodline, which has two powerful sublines: Novac 17136 and Tabarin 3967923962. The development of these independent branches continues through the bulls: Rhum 7080007171, Ezozo 0189014533 Martien 7176060311 Cantadou, Verglas 3984014417, Leguyer 7495022208, Bois Levin 0186006232.
From the genealogical bloodline Oceano 11594 have been 23 caws selected, from which already 13 heifers were received. The bloodline has been developed through the bulls: Faucon 3990016792, Natif 3997030107, Oxalin 2598012281. Oxbou. Based on the old bloodline Ideal 9128, a new bloodline Osiris – Orkan 78315, is developed through the bulls: Lusignan, Jardin 2574010156, Tilleul 3912920526, Boulogne 7086000198 and represented by 15 individuals.
The most numerous in the past century in the breed, the Bravo 12.571 bloodline has narrowed significantly and is currently developing only through the branch Debount 2572016541, his sons: Tafia 2582003300 and Tartars 7082004021 and their grandsons: Polichinel 2199011839, Maldini 1596099083 and others. At the moment, it's a disappearing bloodline, so the best bulls as Ezozo 0189014533, Bois Le Vin 0186006232 and the most promising bulls from Pirate 11.695 bloodline are used widely on the cows of this line. The farm brought 6 heavens of this line, from which 3 daughters were taken. In order to prevent the rapid growth of inbreeding, in recent years, in the breed used cross the most distant lines. The average expectation of 31 firstborns for 305 days of lactation in the PLAE "Zhatkivske" was 7298 (limits 6544–8839) kg.
Thus, the breeding stock imported into the PLAE "Zhatkivskoe" is rather high-yielding and reflects the gene pool of the Monglereid breed. A plan for individual fixation, which is implemented in the herd, is developed to provide linear breeding, which in the complex forms the basis for the creation of the Monglereid breeder.


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