French meat Limousin in step of Ukraine

  • V. S. Kozyr Institute cereals of NAAS (Dnipro, Ukraine)
Keywords: breed, limousines, bull-calfs, meat productivity, slaughter indicators


The meat productivity of the bulls of the French specialized meat-breed Limousin breed of cattle grown up to 30 months of age in the conditions of the steppe zone of Ukraine has been investigated, it is possible to use it for industrial cross-breeding with zoned breeds and production of high-quality beef.

The bulls of the Limousin breed are well adapted to the fodder conditions of the region, exhibit high digestibility of nutritional substances and up to 25 years of age reach a live weight of almost 600 kg. Milk breeds are far ahead of slaughter indicators: slaughter yield is higher by 2–3%, carcasses – by 5–6%, pulp per 1 kg of bone – by 10–20% and internal fat – by less than 3 times. Qualitative indicators of meat are also in favor of a specialized meat breed.

However, in comparison with the meat productivity of limousines in the north, in the south, where there are no natural pastures and hotter climates, the representatives of this breed lack sufficient genetic potential. Therefore, it is advisable to use them here for industrial cross-breeding, which improve the meat form of the pomegranate, which will help to increase the production of high-quality beef in Ukraine.



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