• K. O. Skorik Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M.V.Zubets of NAAS (Chubynske, Ukraine)
Keywords: goats, genitals, uterus, ovaries, size, mass


Goal. Goat breeding is a promising branch of animal husbandry, which is rapidly developing. The scientific literature has little information about the essential features and differences in the structure of the genital apparatus of goats. With the increase in the number of livestock and selection work in goat breeding, knowledge of the characteristics of the reproductive system is of great importance. Due to lack of knowledge of the structure of the reproductive organs of small cattle, the effectiveness of artificial insemination decreases and inefficient sperm of producers is used, since the complex structure of the cervix of the goat is an obstacle in the artificial introduction of sperm. Therefore, considering the need for further introduction of the method of artificial insemination into practice of goat breeding, the study of the peculiarities of the structure of the internal genital organs of goats is timely and necessary.

Materials and methods.The study of anatomical features of the structure of the internal genital organs of goats was carried out on animals of the Zaanen breed, imported into the village. Galaiki Tarashchansky district of the Kiev region from Latvia. The material for study was the genitals obtained from goats aged 6-7 years. After the slaughter and bleeding, the genitals were separated into goats. They were then placed in an enameled cuvette and measured with a measuring tape, ruler and caliper. The linear dimensions of the ovaries, the diameter and length of the uterine horns according to the large curvature, the length of the uterine body, the length and diameter of the cervix, the number and structural features of the folds of its mucous membrane, the amount of caruncle, their height and diameter were measured.

As mentioned earlier, the development of anatomical and physiological basis for artificial insemination of small ruminant animals was carried out mainly on sheep. Therefore, we compared the size of the ovaries, oviducts and uterus in goats of the Zaanen breed of Latvian selection and, according to the literature, the results of studies of similar sheep organs were analyzed.

As a result of the studies of the morphological parameters of the genitalia of the goats, the following data were obtained: the mass of the left ovary – 0,6 ± 0,06 g, the right – 1,1 ± 0,04 g: the length of the left ovary – 2,0 ± 0,06 Cm, the length of the right – 2,3 ± 0,04 cm. The length of the left oviduct was – 14,2 ± 0,16 cm, and the right – 14,4 ± 0,15 cm. Accordingly, the length of the left horn of the uterus was – 13,7 ± 0,63 cm, the right – 12.2 ± 0,75 cm. The diameter of the left horn of the uterus is – 2.3 ± 0,07 cm, the right horn of the uterus is – 2,8 ± 0,08 cm.

The morphological parameters of the unpaired genitals of goats were as follows:

The length of the uterus body was – 1,8 ± 0,15 cm, the cervix was – 5,9 ± 0,29 cm, the cervix diameter was – 1,8 ± 0,08 cm; the number of folds in the cervix is – 4,7 ± 0,50. The height of the caruncle is – 0,5 ± 0,06 cm, their diameter is – 0,7 ± 0,10 cm, the amount of caruncle is – 96,5 ± 1,70, the area of the caruncle is on average – 0,4 ± 0,10 cm2.

Conclusions. As a result of the carried out researches the anatomical and morphometric characteristics of internal sexual organs of goats are given. These data make it possible to expand and supplement knowledge on the morphology of the reproductive system of farm animals, which must be taken into account in artificial insemination of goats. The data obtained by us are somewhat different from the results of the studies of other authors, but do not contradict them.


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